YouTube Channel Art Size

youtube channel art size

Youtube Channel Art size is often confusing. But you need to create one to give your Channel a professional look!

So, if you want to ensure the success of your YouTube career, you should come up with an appropriate Art . 

Making it strong and gorgeous is one of the best methods available for you to secure a great deal. 

However, adding it for the sake of it will not be enough to help you get the most out of it. Therefore, you should have a solid understanding on how to make it.

Why should you add Channel Art?

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You will be uploading the banner to the top of your profile. It is one of the most significant features that you need to give attention. 

In other words, it will grab the attention of all the visitors who come to view your videos. 

Therefore, you should pay special attention towards it while you will create contents to upload.

Recommended Size

  • Minimum Resolution : 2048 x 1152 px.
  • Maximum width: 2560 x 423 px. At this size you can be assured 
  • File size: 6MB or smaller.

How to Add or Change Channel Art

Adding or changing  an Art is not so tough. Besides, it is mandatory to add or change it from Computer not mobile devices. 

Steps to Add Channel Art

Create the Perfect Channel Art?

There are some effective guidelines, which you should keep in your mind at the time of creating. Here is a list of some of the most effective guidlines out of them.

You can simply go through these tips and learn how to come up with the best looking banner.


Recommended Size 

As a Vlogger, when you are creating a banner, you should be aware of prescribed size as well. The recommended size is 2560 x 1140 pixels.

The minimum upload dimensions should be 2048 x 1152 pixels. Also maintain 16:9 aspect ratio.


Placement and Images

Research suggests that it is a must to include high quality images on the banner you create. On the top right hand corner, you should place the icon of your channel.

On the bottom left hand corner, you can include the social media sharing buttons. At the time of adding your icon or the logo, make sure that it integrates seamlessly with other colors.

Most importantly, ensure that icon is complementing the overall appearance and feel offered by your channel.


Determining the Color Choice

While determining the color choice of your banner, you are provided with two different goals to achieve.

First you will have to strive to ensure consistency. You should not use more than three colors.

Ensure to keep it simple as much as possible.

Secondly, think about adding contrast tools. In other words, it can make it stand out from the rest.


Things to Include

Most importantly, first you should understand what things should be included in the art or banner.

  • If you are using YouTube for business purposes, you need to think that it reflects your business. Therefore, you can add your name or your business name.


  • Moreover, you should ensure that it reflects your personality. You can think about adding your photo to it. You can add your own pictures and develop a strong connection in between you and your audience.

Adding Text to the Art  

After that while you are creating the banner, you will be provided with two additional options to consider as well.

In here, you can determine if you are going to add text to it or you are going to proceed without adding any text.

Therefore, if you decide to add text to it, make sure that you are doing it at a safe place.

Otherwise, you will be making the overall design look complicated and you will not be able to receive any positive e results out of it.

Popular Channel Art Maker


Canva's Banner Maker is the best in this category. It's free and easy to use. While using you require no designing experience.

Besides, you can create Professional Looking Banner in minutes.

adobe spark

You can create beautiful banner for your here. 

You can choose a variety of professionally designed fonts and templates to make it.


Use the tool by Snappa  to make professional looking art using templates, high-resolution images and graphics.

It's also user friendly.

Crello Channel art

Crello tools for creating banner are easy to use. It's very easy to create a design on the go.

With its pre made formats and designs you can design with easy in just four Steps.

fotor channel art

Make a high quality banner with Fotor’s killer  banner templates. 

This tool enables you to maximize your Channel's potential with the creation of amazing  art with just a few clicks.

Key Facts to consider while Creating

So, you can see the banner holds a prominent place. Due to the same reason, you should also have a solid understanding about the role played by it. 

  • It is the first thing that will grab the attention of a visitor who comes to view your content. 
  • Moreover, make sure that it is a high quality and a well-designed one.
  • Remember, it  contributes a lot towards the overall credibility as well. 
  • You can add information about your other social media platforms into the art as well. This will create trust among your subscribers.


Now you are aware of how to make a YouTube banner or Channel Art. You can simply follow these tips and make sure that you come up with the best looking art.

To make the life easy for you you can use the above websites and develop the professional banner for your account by spending less time and energy.

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