What is a Vlog and What does Vlogging Means

what is a vlog

Many people are still new to this and wonder what is a Vlog and what does Vlogging means.

Vlogging has been in trend in recent years. It is an abbreviated version of the word video log or video blog.

It can be a video describing a person's life, as well as it can also be a particular subject, such as educational or entertaining. 

Referring to a blog type it is know that all the content is in the video format. Vlogging is the procedure of filming a video with a personal touch. 

What does Vlogging means

In early blogging days, Vlogs were called as podcasts . A podcast is a term used to refer to both video and audio blog posts. But now both have embraced their distinctive labels. 

Vlogging term is also used by different video streamers that do not use a blog but publish scheduled posts by other means.

However, live streams are also available on sites such as Facebook and YouTube and are considered as Vlogs.

Hence, vlogging has thus become a combination of streaming and blogging, with or without the other, provided that there are videos created personally and by the first person.

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Popularity of Vlog

Vlogs have grown in popularity exponentially and is still growing at a rapid pace. The increase in the popularity of it can be credited to the fact that it is very easy if you know the tips and tricks. 

Moreover, the equipment needed to make videos has become cheaper and are accessible to most of the people.

Anyone with access to the camera with a video feature and an internet connection can create a vlog and publish it on the Internet.

The purpose of Vlogging is to connect to a wide audience personally.

Why should you Vlog

​If you want to strengthen your presence on social networks, there is nothing better than a video to captures the attention of people.

Whether you are a business owner or the one looking to be part of an online community for fun.

Being a Vlogger is the best option as Vlogging is one of the few good ways to advertise yourself, your services as well as your products.

It is quite strange and amazing side by side that there is no good way to do it, and you can see it as a consistent experience.

You do not have to be perfect from the beginning when you upload your first video, and some more experienced Vloggers tweak and modify their Vlogging practices even years after they start so that their content remains interesting and satisfying.

Now you know what is a Vlog and if you are thinking of becoming a Vlogger, here are some things to keep in mind to be successful.

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Things to consider to become a Successful Vlogger

1. Every Video Takes time

A good script is required to make an interesting video as Vlogging is not about facing the camera and saying anything.

Creating a good video takes a lot of time and effort. First, you should think about what to discuss in the video, to make it interesting for viewers.

2. Vlogging requires money

Any person can become a Vlogger but it requires money to purchase the required types of equipment. You need a laptop with an integrated webcam. In fact, even a smartphone will be enough to do the job.

But proper types of equipment like camera, lighting, and microphone to compete with other Vloggers and stand out from the crowd.

3. Your viewers can be very rude and harsh

When you don’t have the ability to handle criticism, Vlogging might not be a good option for you. 

Your viewers can be very rude and harsh at times. But if you can handle criticism positively, Vlogging is a good option.

The key to dealing with negative comments is simply not to worry. The more you learn to ignore them, the better. Unfortunately, these comments can hurt you badly.

Vlogging on YouTube

If you're looking to step up your social status, vlogging is a must way to gets people's attention. It is a fun and easy method to promote your products or services.

Vlog on YouTube is creating your Youtube Channel where you can share your personal videos with a personal  and a conversational touch.

Considering the vast popularity of YouTube, uploading your videos on YouTube is the most proactive way to start. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. 

So, if you are not on YouTube, you are sure to miss the massive audience that this platform has to offer.

Tips to Become a Successful Vlogger

It is understandable that Vlogging is very fun and a great passion for many. Let viewers take a look at your life and what you love. 

But it's important to make sure you enjoy your video shooting experience and create your own unique videos for your viewers.

Vlogging Tips

Do not worry too much about little things, but make sure you represent yourself and your brand in an inspiring way.

Whatever niche you choose for your Vlog, the competition is likely to be fierce. But that does not mean you have to give up. On the contrary, it means you must be better than others.

Here's how:

  • Be yourself
  • Think outside the box.
  • Maintain a realistic attitude
  • Respect your schedule
  • Organize your videos as a story with an amazing beginning and a wonderful ending
  • Count the first seconds very important
  • Use the correct tone and words
  • Choose the status of your video
  • Do not let enemies affect you
  • Be consistent
  • Find the passion
  • Find something that interests you and use it. This will push you to work harder.
  • Create a theme for each video.
  • When editing, search for your video theme and use it to create titles and thumbnails.


Social networking sites are one of the most powerful tools Vloggers have. Vlogging mistakes occur when you ignore the power of social media.  Nobody started a vlog with a million followers right away.

Getting more subscribers requires a lot of work and time. Even if your content is honest, you will need followers besides your personal connection. This is where you can make use of social media.

If you are a new in making, knowing what is a Vlog will be an interesting experience for you. 

Moreover, if you are thinking of your video making experience seriously and productive, make sure to remember never ever give up.

Staying excited and motivated throughout your success journey may not be so easy, especially if things do not go as planned.

But with enough courage and motivation, you're already ahead of others by launching your own vlog.

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