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vlog ideas

Vlog Ideas is one of the trending and fastest-growing queries for newbies or new Youtubers.

Vlogs are easy and simple to create and the viewers cannot get enough of these personal, visual as well as engaging medium.

Making your Vlog is a good idea to shoot and share your experiences and memories with your viewers. 

If you are also thinking of making your Vlogs, here are the best 65 Vlog ideas you need to try in 2019.

Choosing Perfect Vlog Ideas 

Choosing a perfect Vlog Idea can be quite confusing especially for newcomers. Here we have handpicked some of the best vlog ideas to try.

We have made extensive research and come out with the list.

Popular & Creative Vlog Ideas List to Try

1. Introduce Yourself

Make a video to introduce yourself to your viewers. It is the video in which you answer some question like who you are, what your hobbies etc. are. Tell a bit of yourself to your viewers. Who are you, what kind of videos are you going to do?

2. Make a responsive Video

Making response videos for your viewers is one of the best Vlogs ideas to try. Response videos are more likely to appear as compared to random comments, and your videos can gain strength for you and your channel.

3. Opinion Video

An opinion video is all about giving opinions on different news. It can be anything; trending political debate or a fashion trend. Get some good information about a specific opinion and you are ready for your Vlog.

4. Adventure Vlog Idea

In this idea of Vlog, you can tell your viewers of your latest travels. You can include many things like What is your favorite travel destination, reasons behind choosing this destination and what do you like most about the trip? 

Romantic Vlog Idea

5. How we Met

One of the most popular Vlog ideas is telling your subscribers how you met your favorite person. Your favorite person can be anyone; your partner, your friend or your colleague. It will allow your viewers to fall in love with you the same way you fell in love with the special person in your life.

​6. Provide insight into your Special Relationship

Every relationship is different and you are no exception. Find and develop the unique side of your relationship and let the viewer’s know that there is something special in every relationship. It is one of the best Vlog ideas as it can allow your viewers to think positively of every relationship.

romantic vlog idea

Coping with the Couple Fights

Every relationship has some fights as ups and downs are part of life. You can make a Vlog to talk to your viewers about the ups and downs that are faced by different couples. It will be beneficial for couples to cope with fights in their relationship.


How to reach your Goal?

You can encourage your viewers through your Vlog to try their best and reach their goal. Describe the different methods, tips, and tricks for creating a goal and how you can reach it.


Meaning of Life

If you have the courage, you can be really successful by making a Vlog on the meaning of life. It is one of the best Vlog ideas as many people are striving to find the answer to this question. Consider discovering the unknown questions of the world that respond to the meaning of life.


Talk about your Heartbreak

We all have experienced heartbreak in our life at least once whether if we want to admit it or not. Consider wearing your heart on your sleeves and telling the world about your first heartbreak by making a Vlog.

11. How To

If you know a lot about a particular subject, you can also create videos and tutorials explaining how to share knowledge with your viewers. Make a Vlog on how to install software or how to choose a fruitful hobby.

12. Interview a Colleague, a Client or one of your Subscribers

Interviewing a colleague, a client or one of your subscribers is one of the best Vlog ideas to try in 2019. Find attractive people in your audience, in your friend list or in your office and talk frankly about some relevant topics.

13. Listen to your Audience

Make a Vlog to listen to your audience. What topics does your audience want to hear? Which Vlog formats do you prefer? Ask for feedback and try your best to customize your content accordingly.

What about the so popular Video Challenge?

14. Video Challenge

Making a challenge video is one of the best Vlog ideas. You can think of some good challenges and ask your audience to take these challenges.

15. Make a Parody of any Video

You can make a parody of a video. Making a parody of any video is one of the best Vlog ideas to try in 2019. Make sure to choose a video that echoed with you.

16. Product Review Vlog

Take something and review it. It can be any movie, a TV show or any product. People like to hear what others think about certain things, especially if they are about to buy or see something.

happy friends

Shoot a Fun day with Friends

Friend’s videos are very popular Vlogs on YouTube, especially if they are good because they allow the viewers to feel as they are also a part of that fun group.


Take a tour of your Hometown

Taking a tour of your hometown is one of the best Vlogs ideas because people do not think much about this as most of the people don’t live in hometown. Shoot a Vlog on taking a tour of your hometown. People missing their hometowns will love your Vlog.


Review a Game

Game reviews are always excellent. Choose a formal approach with these methods and try to label them correctly, so that people looking for reviews on this game can easily find your reviews. By doing this, you help your teammates play and you can become popular if you have a good reputation.


Show how to Cook a Family Recipe

Do you have an old family recipe that you want to share with the world? It might be a good idea for a YouTube Vlog to show people your family recipe.

21. Discuss Time Management

Many people have trouble managing their work and hobbies. Teach individuals the organizational skills and time management is one of the demanding Vlogs ideas to try in 2019.

22. Discuss how to take Care of an Animal

If you're an animal expert, discuss how to take care of an animal to teach people the proper treatment and care for different animals.

Myths or True Vlog Idea??

23. Make a Vlog on Myth-busting

The myths are no longer common, but that does not mean that there are no misconceptions. Make a Vlog on myth-busting. Take some myths and try to clear these misconceptions.

24. Discuss the history of Technology

Discussing the tech history proposes many Vlog ideas from processing the architecture to GPU manufacturers; technology is full of interesting stories to tell. Try to find them and discuss them.

25. Make a Vlog of your Computer's Performance

Test your PC against high-end gaming and productivity applications. This will allow viewers to compare the power of their computer with yours so they can have good information about their computer's performance.

26. Make the Installation/Configuration Manual

Setting up your computer, desktop, or server can be difficult. Creating a video explaining how to do this can be very helpful and beneficial for the people looking for the configuration manual.

fashion vlogging idea

Overcoming a fight or Personal fear

We all had to overcome conflicts or fears in our lives and tell people that it was a great way to communicate with you. Make a Vlog and give ideas for overcoming a fight or personal fears.


Tell why and how you started on YouTube

If you've been on YouTube for a while, explain your motivation behind making your videos and your experience from the very beginning.


Funny Moments of your Daily Life

Everyone has their funny moments daily? Share your funniest moments with your viewers.


Talk about current Fashion Trends

Talk about current fashion trends and what your viewers need to know to keep up with fashion trends.

31. Remake an Old Video

Remaking old videos is one of the best Vlog ideas to try in 2019. Use your experience and skills to remake different old videos according to the latest quality standards.

32. Show behind the Scenes

Create a video to show viewers what it takes to create videos. It can be writing a script, shooting the video or editing, etc.

33. Show how you make Videos

Show your viewers how you make the video. What is the process of switching from raw videos to posting a polished video on Youtube? Take subscribers on the journey of video making.

34. Your Ideal

Create a video about your ideal or a person of your choice and why you like him/her. Sharing your inspiration behind making a person an ideal personality is a good idea to engage your audience.

35. Demonstrate your Skills or Talent

If you have a unique or demanding talent or skill, make a video to show this skill or talent to the World.

36. Unique Things that you Tested

Tell some unique things that you tried recently. This can be new restaurants, amusement parks, malls that you tried and share your views.

weight loss channel

A Good Lie you told 

Have you ever lied to get out of something bad that you did or did not hurt someone's feelings? Share with your audience such lies and tell them what happened afterward.


Tips for Weight loss or Muscle Gain

Everyone wants to stay fit. If you lose weight or gain muscle, share some tips with viewers on how to do it.


Talking about Budgets

Most people do not feel comfortable talking about their finances. If you are good at budgeting, share some tips with your viewers.


Make a motivation Video

Motivation plays an important role in achieving your fitness goals. So try to help your viewers achieve their goals by motivating them.

41. Your Pet

If you are a pet lover, you probably have a lot of stories to share. How did you get it and why? What does your pet like or dislike?

42. Good Love Story

Love stories are always fascinating. You can make a Vlog of good love stories. Try to choose the stories very wisely so they can deliver a positive concept.

43. Favorite Songs or Singer

Create videos to share your favorite songs and singers that you like. You can also give review which songs do you like and which one you don't.

44. Your Hobby

If you have a hobby you really love, you can tell about this hobby to your viewers. Your subscribers will feel happy to know about your favorite hobby.

45. Favorite Books

Talk about your favorite books and why these book are your favorite? Why should your subscribers also read this book as well? Tell your audience how satisfying it to read a good book.

46. Your favorite Website or App

Make videos that will include your top websites and apps that you personally recommend? This video list may be made in different categories of websites or apps.

paint idea

Make your Transformation Video

If you lose a lot of weight or have a lot of muscle. Share your transformation with your viewers to inspire and share your tips.


DIY video

If you're a do-it-yourself person, you can create a video that shows the latest project or create a video tutorial that others can follow.


Home Remedies / Tips

Home Remedies and DIY are always a good idea. You can share different home remedies and different tips for household things.


Teach a Language?

You can teach a language on your Vlog. You can simply do the ten most difficult words in your language or anything related to the language you can think of.

51. Cover and comment on Industry News

If your YouTube channel is about a specific topic, you can cover industry news and share your point of view on the subject.

52. Relationship Advice

Give relationship advice to different areas. Share some tips with them on how to overcome these difficulties.

53. Create a Science Video

If you know of an interesting scientific experiment or an exciting scientific effect, you can make a video of it.

54. Talk about Computing History

Share some video on computer history and how it will improve in the future. Make a video about what to do and not to do. Almost all activities have or cannot be grouped together in an information video.

55. Best Designers

Let your fashion knowledge shine itself. Talk about your favorite designers and fashion brands with your audience.

56. Discuss Different Rumors

Different types of rumors circulates the Internet or TV. Choose some hot rumors and discuss them with facts and figures.


Hair Style

Create how to videos on how to comb your hair or make a video about the daily hair care routine or some easy to make hairstyles.


Storage and Organization Ideas

If you are good at organizing things, it is good to record a video that shows your methods.


Share your Yoga Routine

Yoga provides numerous benefits to health. If you like yoga, you can share your daily yoga routine with your followers.


Videos on Study Tips

If you are a good student, showing what you do to others for good grades may be more useful than you can imagine.

61. Makeup Tutorial

You can start your makeup tutorial Vlog. It can be one of the best ideas to start in 2019 as it is the need of time. Teach your audience easy to do makeup.

62. Video Configuration

Show viewers the equipment you use to create your videos. This will create an interesting video for all viewers who want to start their YouTube channel.

63. Sports video or Training video

If you play a sport, you can create a sports video or you can share your training routine with your viewers.

64. Favorite TV shows

The best TV shows are the one where you can’t help but watch an entire season in a day. Think of your most favorite TV show and tell your viewers about it.

65. Show how to use an Application or Software

If you know how to use certain applications or software, you can share that idea with your audience in the form of videos


So, if you are looking new vlog ideas consider these 65 Vlogs ideas list to try. I am sure if you pick any of these and create a YouTube Channel, you will surely become a successful Vlogger.

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