How to upload video to YouTube : Step By Step Guide

How to upload video to YouTube

If you use the internet, then you cannot deny that you always wonder how to upload a video to YouTube.

But did you know that you can also make money from it? I guess you didn’t know that. It is one of the most popular platforms for online streaming, and millions of people use it daily.

There are a lot of people that have made their channels and also have the content to share, but they have no idea how to share. Well, it is not a very difficult thing to do.
Therefore, all you need to do is to follow some simple steps, and you can easily upload your video on YouTube.

In the below article, we have explained the steps to upload a video on YouTube. 

Read the article carefully and follow all of the steps mentioned below to share your content on your channel.

Steps to Upload a Video to YouTube


Sign into your Account

The first thing that you need to do is signing into your account. You need to go to the home page and click the sign-in button there.

Sign In to YouTube

Once you have clicked on the sign-in button, you can choose an account to sign-in.

After choosing the account, enter your account’s password, and you will be asked to create a Channel.

Click the create channel button, and it will redirect you to the main page.

You might notice that the recommendations are different than before. But don’t worry, you are on your way to uploading.


Click the Upload button

Now, you need to click on the upload button. The button is present in the top right-hand corner, and a video icon with a plus sign represents it.

YouTube Video upload Button

When you have clicked on the button, select the Upload Video option, and it will take you to a dedicated upload page.

Next, drag and drop your file on the page or click on the arrow button to upload your content. On the right side, an option is also provided to upload your clips from Google photos.


Select Privacy settings to Configure

The upload page has many different options for you to choose from and all of these options are important(see below). 

Select file to Upload on YouTube

As a start, you have to choose the audience for your content, and modify the privacy settings.

In case you want everyone to see, then selecting the “public” option from the drop-down menu is suggested.

If you wish to have a little more control over your audience, then choosing “unlisted” is preferred as it will not show in the search results. Instead, only those with a direct link will be viewing the clip.

Also, if you don’t want anyone to see but you, then you should choose “private” settings.

While choosing “scheduled” allows you to set a future time and date to make your content public.


Next Settings to Consider

When you have completed the privacy settings, you have to choose from where you are uploading the content.

Do you want it straight from the storage of your device? Import it directly from the Google Photos, live stream it instead?

There are some choices on the right-hand side for importing and live streaming. But the majority of YouTubers will be doing so from the storage of their device.

To upload it from the device’s storage, click on the big white arrow with the gray backdrop and choose the clip that you want to share from your device’s storage.


Manage the Uploading

Be ready, because when you have confirmed the clip that you are uploading, you will be taken away to the upload page.

YouTube Video Upload Status Bar

You will see that uploading has started, and you can also see a progress bar showing how much clip is uploaded and how much more time is remaining until the uploading process completes.

It might take some time, depending on the quality and length of the clip.

What' Next

Most importantly, you need to put in a title for your video and a description. Also, you need to add the related tags for the general public to find it easily. You can also add it to a playlist.

The “Advanced Settings” allows you to manage numerous things like the category and if you allow ratings and comments or not. Also if the video is 3D or not, and if you want the community contributions or not.


Choosing a Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail

If you don’t have a verified account, you will not be able to make custom thumbnails. However, that does not mean that you do not have any options.

One the clip is uploaded and processed completely, you can choose one of the three auto-generated thumbnails.

Select the thumbnail that you like and click on the “done” or “publish” button to complete this process. You can click the “share” button on the right if you want to share the content privately.

Read this guide on YouTube thumbnail size to know more.


Video Management

Published Video to YouTube

Upload processing

Your video is uploaded and is available according to the privacy settings that you have selected.

In case you wish to make any changes in the future, you can go to the “Creator Studio.” You can find it in the drop-down menu when you click on your profile.

You can see your uploads, the number of views, and other analytics from there. You can either click on the “video manager” on the left side or click an individual clip to edit them.

In the manager, you have full access to all of the tools that you might need, also the detailed overviews of every upload that you have shared.

How to upload video to Youtube from Mobile

Are you planning to upload via mobile?

You can also upload your content from mobile in easy steps. Everyone likes a mobile as it is handy and portable.

So, if you are in need to immediately upload your video, you can use the mobile app. The steps involved are:


Open Youtube app and Sign in to your account

sign in youtube

Tap on the camera button that you see on top. On tapping the camera icon, this screen will load up.

Select what to do next:

  • Record a Video
  • Go Live
  • Or select a recorded clip from gallery
upload video from mobile

Next you will see this screen. Here you can customize the video like adding music, filters and even trim it.

youtube mobile enhancement

Now add the details like title and description and privacy if required. Also you can add location of the video.  

title and description

When done click the "Arrow Button" and congratulations you have done it! Your video will now be uploaded immediately.


After reading the above article on how to upload video to YouTube, you might have guessed that it isn’t as difficult as it seems.

But always remember to read and follow the instructions carefully.

YouTube doesn’t remove any video unless the content has a copyright issue or some other serious reasons.

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