How Much Money do YouTubers Make

How Much Money do YouTubers Make
How much money do YouTubers make ? For many people, the fact that YouTubers make sounds like a fairytale.

It isn’t that every person wants to run a YouTube channel, but people have a tendency to be pretty amazed when people make good money doing something that they love.

After getting enough Subscribers it's pretty easy to make $600 – $1,000 per month in your first year itself.
The range of incomes on YouTube is vast and in many ways, you can get what you put into it, but there is still the question of being able to put enough into it.

In a perfect world, running a YouTube channel would be easy because you would have the time and resources to do so.
But for many upcoming YouTube stars, the real problem behind running a successful channel is being able to manage a full time YouTube career with a full time life.

How Much Money Does a YouTuber Make on Start?

When you first start your YouTube channel, you can expect to make nothing.

In fact, until you have met certain requirements on the channel, you aren’t even able to make money as an option.

This means that no matter what, you will be completely devoid of income from YouTube until you have over a thousand subscribers and four thousand logged hours of public viewing time across your channel.

For many people, this can feel like a steep requirement and might require a lot of work just to even qualify to make money in the first place.

These qualifications are a requirement to enter the YouTube Partner Program, which is necessary for you to be able to make money using Google AdSense.

After you meet these requirements, you can apply for the program.

What Happens When I Qualify For Monetization?

After you have met the requirements and been approved for your channel, you can begin to focus on getting ads to back you.

This is a tricky process because advertisers will choose you based off of the kind of traffic that you pull.

If you only have two thousand subscribers, you will likely only get a few low paying ad options. While you can still generate revenue at this point, you can expect to be making a relatively small income.

 The money that you make might be enough to help you improve your process which can in turn increase your subscribers.

Since ad views are the main way that you will be generating income, the more views you can get on your videos, the more money you can make.

As you continue to grow your audience, you will find that more ads that pay better money might be making you some offers.

What Is the Deal with Getting A Million Subscribers?

As a general rule, most people seem to not make a fully functional income until they have reached around a million subscribers.

Prior to a million subscribers you are certainly capable of making a decent income.

But considering the effort and cost of running a YouTube channel as a full time job, it can be difficult to match the small income to your needs.

For this reason, many creatives rely on other forms of income by using sites like Patreon or individual donations.

When you do reach a million subscribers, you have a much better chance of qualifying for the kind of ads that pay out well.

Since you will only make money off of a fraction of these ads based on how your audience interacts with them. The more people you can get viewing your videos, the better.

Generally, YouTubers who make it this far are able to start investing more into their videos.

Improving the quality of your videos is a great way to draw in new subscribers and get more attention compared to your peers.

Are Famous YouTubers Rich?

At this point there are annual articles coming out about exactly how much money prominent YouTube stars are making, and the amounts tend to be jaw dropping.

The top YouTubers all cover various types of videos, and while some video styles do tend to lean towards making more, you should never discredit the ability for a completely random YouTube idea to draw in an insanely large audience.

There are some YouTubers who you would never expect to make it who end up being crowd favorites because they know how to adapt and change with their channel in time.

In many ways, the YouTube community shows us exactly what society values.

Top YouTube performers are making millions of dollars every year on advertising alone, and then they have ways to make even more money on top of that using merchandising and other options.

What Do Top YouTubers Make?

In an article released by CBS News, the top ten grossing YouTubers were making enough money to make your head spin with very few signs of slowing down. 

In fact, it is believed that many of these individuals will be making even more money in 2020. The top few YouTubers are absolutely living a good life.

Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers (in USD)

Here is the list of highest  paid Youtubers and I hope you can get an idea on how much money do YouTubers make. These income includes Adsense Profit, Merchandise and other affiliate products.


PewDiePie - 10 million per month

PewDiePie youtube

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish comedian YouTuber tops the list. 

He is best known  known for his YouTube video content, which mainly consists of Let's Play videos and comedy shows


Dude Perfect 4 million per month

Dude perfect youtube

A group of five Americans who makes tricks videos with a perfect ending. Recently the channel gained huge amout of followers.


VanossGaming - 3 million per month

vanos gaming youtube

He is from Canada. He is famous for his online gaming Channel. He posts videos of games which are played by him. He has gained a huge followers who likes his videos.


DanTDM - 2.8 million per month

danTDM youtube

Daniel Robert Middleton, is the owner of DanTDM. He is a British YouTuber. He s famous for his many video games, mainly the popular game Minecraft. 


JuegaGerman - 2.3 million per month

JuegaGerman youtube

JuegaGerman is a comedy Youtuber. He is know to produce songs together with his band Ancud on YouTube.


Markiplier - 2.1 million per month

Markiplier youtube

An American Youtuber who produces  hilarious gaming videos,  comedies, animated parodies, and other types of entertainment videos!


Collins Key - 1.7 million per month

Collins Key youtube

He is an American and produces comedic content that showcases Collins high-energy personality.


Atta Halilintar - 1.65 million per month

Atta Halilintar youtube

He is a Indonesian Youtuber with a huge fan following. His videos has gained immense popularity.


Jacksepticeye - 1.6 million per month

jacksepticeye youtube

Jacksepticeye, is from Ireland. He produces comedic videos that are very popular on Youtube.


Smosh - 1.5 million  USD per month

Smosh youtube

Smosh is a comedian group who produces funny videos on Youtube. This channel is gaining momentum due to its quality contents.


For those who truly make it on YouTube, there is some potential to earn an almost ridiculous income.

The trick to standing among these masters of marketing is to know what you want out of your channel, understand what is relevant, and place an emphasis on engaging your audience on their level.

When a YouTube channel gains a large following, it can be easier to get sponsors and ad support.

So make sure that if you commit to this process, you go all out. It’s the best chance that you have at making a career out of it.

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