How To Make A YouTube Channel

how to make a youtube channel

Are you wondering how to make a YouTube Channel? Or do you want to be a YouTuber?

Considering the popularity of this platform that is has gained now, these questions are quite obvious. 

At this point, it can feel like at least half of the people that you know are making videos for uploading.

With the growing popularity of viral video content, people are becoming more curious than ever to find out if YouTube might be right for them.

Becoming a YouTuber

The world of the internet’s top video site is full of various types of content providers with all kinds of different people.

This makes having a successful channel a possibility for every single person who is willing to put in the work.

There are certain steps that you can take when making your channel to help you start your YouTubing career off on the right foot.

How to get Started

Check out the steps required to start on the go!

steps to start youtube

Decide on Your Channel Focus

In the world of video contents, every creator needs a focus. Your focus can be something incredibly popular. 

Its like making exciting videos about your favorite fandom or something more obscure like how to clean the inside of various kinds of light bulbs.

You are free to choose any kind of niche, but you will always want to make sure that you have something in particular that your contents or videos can be known for.

It might just be watching you live an exciting beach-side life or something specific like chemistry lessons. Find something that you are passionate about and work from there.

Tip: You can check out some channels that you are interested in. Take a paper and note down how they express themselves and which one you like.


Select A Strong Channel Name

Choosing a right name is an incredibly important step towards becoming a successful Youtuber. 

If you want your content to stick out, you need a clear and memorable name that can stick with your audience.

While some people have names that are completely original or don’t necessarily line up with their videos, it can be helpful to find something that aligns with your niche or is specific to your branding.

Finding a good  name can help increase the interest, especially if you are focusing on a specific industry in some way for your videos.

Your channel should not only be interesting, but should align with what you want to be known for.

The name can be changed once every ninety days, so don’t worry if you mess it up the first time around.


Create Your Channel

Creating a channel is as easy as logging in with your Google account and heading over to your channels tab.

When you view, it will prompt you with the option to create a new one. You can then create it by filling out the required information.

As soon as your channel is made, you can quickly begin uploading videos in no time.

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Craft The Perfect Bio

You can tell a lot about a person by the quality of their YouTube bio. This section of a person’s profile is great for giving the world a stunning first impression.

Everyone tends to use their bios a little bit differently. Someone who runs an educational channel might focus on their qualifications and areas of interest or might just put a nerdy science joke.

For a channel built on skits, you might use this field to tell your audience what kind of skits you plan on doing or what the underlying theme of your content is.

You can even just use this area to tell people a little more about you. Think about what you want your audience to know and add it here.


Make Your Branding Materials

If you want to run a legitimate channel, then you will want to place a special focus on branding. 

This means having sharp images and profile photos, a well-designed banner, and catchy titles that remain consistent.

When it comes to branding, your focus will be on showing people what they can expect from you and your content or working to show just how professional your channel is.

If you’re not sure where to start here, you can always look at other popular accounts in your niche and see how they market themselves.


Make A Video Schedule

A huge mistake that amateur video creators run into is the issue regarding how they publish their content.

YouTube can be tricky because if you make too many videos in advance, you might find your videos becoming outdated before you even publish them.

On the other hand, if you can’t post regularly, you run a serious risk of losing followers or failing to gain new ones.

A regular posting schedule is a sign of a dedicated professional YouTuber.

Your fans should always know what you are working on and when they can expect to watch it.

This consistency will help you to gain more subscribers who are happy to wait for your next video.


Post your First Video

After you have pulled together, you will want to decide on your first video.

If you are doing something like vlogging, an introductory video might be a great place to start.

This can be where you introduce yourself to fans and tell them what to expect.

For other video types, you might just want to pick an exciting first topic to focus on and then introduce little facts about yourself or your future goals.

 A good first video can take you one step closer to your dream of becoming a top YouTube star.

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How Youtube Works?

It is also good for you to know the necessary process of how Youtube works right from uploading to earning money.

how youtube works

How to make your Channel Successful

Here are some pro tips you can consider to give you instant success:

  • Make a note of all comments you receive on your videos. Then make the next video analyzing the data.
  • Always encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel and mention a "call to Action" in your video.
  • Use the power of social media to promote your content. Promote your content on theses platforms to invite more views and subscribers.
  • Add sections and Playlist. This will help viewers or your subscribers find relevant contents they may prefer to watch.
  • Be consistent while posting Videos. Make a calendar for next three moths considering your resources and time.
  • Keep the video short and appealing. Study suggests that people tend to watch short videos more often rather than long videos.


Making a channel might seem like a lot of work, but you can easily take this and turn it into an opportunity to start your channel off right.

The process of making a YouTube account is quick and painless. This is ideal because it leaves you with more time to focus on what matters.

There is nothing more relevant to making it successful than making sure that you are filling it with great content. 

Moreover, it creates a brand that your audience will want to invest in.

If you do enough leg work to start, you will be happy to see the payoff later.

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