How to Start Vlogging : Step by Step Guide

How to start vlogging

How to start vlogging is a concept that existed before YouTube.  It was generally carried out on more obscure websites where people just talked through life, but now it is a full-blown industry. 

This exciting and raw niche of YouTube videos is known for being engaging in a personal way with a specific person or two.

It is the equivalent of having a completely public diary. While some of these videos might seem like a quick insight into someone’s life, the reality is much more complicated.

Every vlogger has a niche that they are focused on within the vlogging world, but somehow, they all unite to entertain and dazzle with their everyday lives.

Vlogging lets you connect to your audience. Now even industries are interested in it because it can build a relationship with its customers.

So, let start and know how to start vlogging for success.

What Is Vlogging?

The definition of vlogging is honestly just blogging in a video format. The videos tend to follow that sort of linear narrative in style.

In a general sense, vlogging is a style of video that involves talking with an audience about something relevant to the vlogger.

In most cases, the style comes across as insight into the vlogger’s life, but there is generally a little more to it.

Start Vlogging - The 5 Steps Formula

Steps to Start a Vlog


Vlogging Gear

To start a Vlog, you need some tools or gear. Some of the most important gears to shoot your videos includes:

  • A Camera
  • Microphone
  • Stick or Tripod

These are the essential tools that you require when you want to get started. Your mobile phone can be your first camera to let you get started.

Even nowadays, due to technology advancements, mobile phones have high-end cameras that you can rely on.

If you want to spend some more money, you can go for a DSLR Camera or GoPro.



Now let us discuss the main part of vlogging. Yes, that's shooting!

While shooting the main mistake, newbies make is that they shoot anything of their daily activity and post it on YouTube. Well, Vlogging doesn't work like this.

You need to figure out some relevant and exciting activities of your life or maybe any activity or product to shoot.

Make sure you're the video that you are making is entertaining, funny, or have a good story to engage your audience.

Also, add some slow motion clips on your video to make it more interesting. Adding cinematic footage also works.



When you have done the shooting, now it comes to edit your footage.

Editing the footage that you shoot helps to give your final video more presentable for viewers. Just remove all the unwanted parts of the footage that you dot want.

Add some exciting introduction to the video. Also, try to give the most compelling story or point at the end of the video.

This will give your viewers to watch the video till the end.



When you have finished editing, add music to your scene or the footage. Add music that is suitable for the clip.

Also, dont forget to add royalty-free music as using otherwise may lead to copyright issues.

For copyright-free music, go to websites like bensound, or you can go to filstro.

Adding music not only give your footage a new dimension, but also engage your audience to watch the clip.


Upload & Share

So, when everything is done. You are now set to share your video with the audience all over the world. For sharing, your clip YouTube is the best possible option for you.

Open a YouTube Account first to learn how to start vlogging on YouTube. Add an exciting title description to it. Moreover, don't forget to add a Thumbnail to it. 

When done, click on the upload button and your video will be uploaded to YouTube.

You can share the video link to other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and even you can add to your vlog.

This way, you will reach more audiences.

Points to Keep in mind while Vlogging

 In vlogs, the YouTuber will actively talk to the audience as if they were a friend, which is part of what makes it such an engaging style of video.

When you make up your mind to start a Vlog,  always keep these following points in mind:

Understanding Your Niche

It is not necessary to have a specific niche when it comes to vlogging, but it does help when it comes to building a brand. 

While you can absolutely just talk about life and stories, fans tend to flock to vloggers for specific reasons.

They might be interested in watching a vlogger who is also a dancer and actively competes in competitions.

They might be interested in watching a vlogger who runs around trying new foods around the country or who travels from one beautiful place to the next.

Some vloggers teach about skincare or help people try out new hairstyles.

Generally, vloggers have something that they are known for and work that angle to keep their audience interested.

Defining Your Style

Vlog presenting style

In the same way that you will want to have a niche for your channel, every vlogger has their own style.

Vloggers are generally known for their distinctive approaches to presenting themselves, formatting their videos, and their manner of speaking.

These are the kinds of things that you will want to keep consistent when it comes to making your video.

Doing things like always being well dressed or having specific props can help your audience to gain a better understanding of your brand.

It also helps if you format your videos in a consistent way so that they always know what they’re signing up for.

This might include having specific segments in every show or just focusing on telling your stories in a consistent way. The important part is that all of your videos will feel similar in at least a few key ways.

Actively Talk to Your Audience

talk to audience vlogging

The beauty and popularity of vloggers is generally built around how friendly they come off to their audiences.

When it comes to successful vloggers, the majority of them talk to their audiences like they are sharing secrets with their closest friends.

Despite the fact that the videos can be played up and theatrical, vlogging is always presented in a way that makes it feel like the YouTuber is talking to you personally. It's like as they talk about products or recount an event that happened.

In many ways, vlogging success is built around the idea that your audience members should want to spend time with you

You can help this by making your content conversational and easy to relate to.

You want your audience to know that you’re a real person, even though you might act a bit ridiculous when you tell a story.

Begin Gathering Content Ideas

Content Ideas vlog

When you decide to make a YouTube channel, the people who find the most success often go into it with a plan.

This is why a great way to start preparing for a vlogging channel is to begin taking notes about relevant ideas that you want to discuss.

A great way to go about this is to start journaling to some extent at night. You can use this to touch in interesting parts in your day that your audience might find enjoyable

You can jot down notes about struggles with your personal life or issues that your friends might be going through. The important part is that you keep it real and focused.

Make sure that your stories are something your audience can relate to.

Focus on Having Fun

Vlogging tune

Successful vloggers all make it fun and easy to watch their content.

The tone is generally kept light and entertaining, and while things can get serious, the majority of the time it is mostly pleasant.

This is a great opportunity to exaggerate with some of your more ridiculous stories and have a little bit of fun.

Many vloggers are goofy and lighthearted. It helps to keep a light tone when you’re recounting real life.


Vlogging is a fun pastime that can be as lucrative as it is therapeutic.

In many ways, vlogging is like sharing a slightly staged journal for all the world to see. It gives you the chance to be yourself, but also approach things in a fun and entertaining way.

Think of vlogging as a chance to reach out to your fellow people and talk about whatever is on your mind.

You will absolutely want to make sure that you can create content that your audience will enjoy, but if you’re being fun and honest, you are doing vlogging right. 

The rest of the process, you can figure out over time. Hope after reading this article you have understood how to start vlogging.

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