How To Monetize YouTube Videos

how to monetize youtube videos

It is very important to know how to monetize Youtube videos. It is a dream platform for people who want to have completely creative control and make money at the same time.

When most people picture being a famous online star, they have a tendency to think about the money.

There is absolutely no covering up the fact that prominent YouTuber are making money. And the amount is more than some business owners.

These self-made celebrities are known for a variety of different things including vlogging, makeup tutorials, and professional gaming.

These masters of marketing are not only here to entertain, but here to demand our attention and help us with everyday tasks.

If you want to make videos professionally, then you need to learn the process to monetize videos. 

The most famous YouTubers aren’t only making amazing content that we all love.

But in most cases, they are making a more than healthy profit while doing so.

So, are you ready?

Why Monetize Youtube Videos?

Monetizing a video means the difference between you posting a random video and just having people watch. It is actually getting paid when people watch it.

This process involves the use of Google AdSense which can help you connect with advertisers who want to put ads in your video.

When your audience members views the ads or click the links given in videos, you make money. This ultimately results in you getting paid for a portion of all of your views.

Using this approach is only one option when it comes to monetizing your channel.

This is what makes it a great career for those who find success with it.

A common mistake that people make is believing that they can start making money as soon as they start their channel. But this is actually not the case.

If you are looking to make a quick buck, this is probably not the best way to do it.

However, if you are looking forward to building a sustainable career over time, you just might find that it is a great way for you to do exactly that.

There are many ideas to make money on Youtube. Some of these methods might be better for certain types of channels than others.

But trying your hand at the ones that feel like a good fit is a great way to make additional money beyond what you obtain from advertisements.

After you have been approved for monetization, you can embrace a wide variety of money-making opportunities.

Profitable Ways to Monetize Videos on Youtube

There are many ways to monetize videos on the platform. Some of the prominent and most profitable ways of monetization are given below;

Types of monetization for Youtube

Depending on how much you want to put into videos, you can make plenty more out of it.

The biggest names make the majority of money off of their ads. However, it always pays to open as many revenue channels as possible. This will help you to maximize on your income.

How to Enable Monetization?

In order to monetize your Videos, there are a few processes that you have to undergo.


The first thing that you have to do is obtain over a thousand subscribers and log more than 4000 public watch hours.

This is a minimum requirement to join YouTube’s Partner Program(YPP). YPP is a requirement for the monetization process.


To apply for the Partner Program, you must go under your profile to your channels. 


On your channel you can select “status and features” which will then present you with a Monetization option for you to enable. Click to do so.

At this point, you will be asked for some information and then your channel will be sent for review.


To receive your Partner Program status and get approved, you can move onto the next steps in order to monetize your channel. 

To do this, you can begin by creating an AdSense account so that it can be linked to your channel. 


This is how you will connect with advertising content for your page so that you can begin to make money.

Once the account has been connected you can choose what kind of ad content you want on your channel and let Google take it from there.

You’ll be given eligible ads that can help you start making money quickly. 


These ads will be tailored to suit your preferences and content. In some cases you will feel like an ad does not line up with your philosophies.

Then you can always opt for blocking that specific ad instead. 

This will allow you to make sure that nothing questionable ends up airing with your videos.

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If any part of your dream life includes being a famous YouTuber then you need to know how you make money off of it.

As you begin, take note of the things that seem to get you more views or help you to get new subscribers.

Landing followers and views is the first step towards being able to make money on streaming platform. So take the time to put all of your efforts into growing your audience.

Being a very interactive community, so if you want to make it, look into what your fans are actually saying.

This will help you get the stats to be able to pull a substantial income on your channel, but it will take time and hard work.

When you are at a good point, turn on monetization and watch the money start to fill your account.

It might be a slow start, but if you keep working hard, you might just make it big.

The path to becoming a YouTuber can be long and difficult. But the payoff is absolutely worth it, if you learn to effectively monetize your videos.


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