How To Get More Views On YouTube

get more views on youtube

Getting more views on YouTube is what everybody Youtuber wants.

While anyone can run a YouTube channel, it takes a special effort.  A combination of talent and skills is utmost required for a person to run a successful channel. 

Several factors must be considered to run an engaging channel. Some people might have more of a seemingly fundamental understanding of them. But there are certain techniques that can absolutely be taught at ease.

You might spend time coding to learn how to build more complex systems over the years. In the same way, running a successful channel is a process just like anything else. 

There might not be a secret recipe for success, but there are some things that you can do to give yourself a leg up.

These proven steps can boost your views by 50- 70% and even beyond that. 

So, ensure that you implement these fundamental steps in your channel for optimum success and eventually get more views on Youtube!

How to Get Youtube Views Fast

ways to increase views

1. Create Relevant Content

A significant part of landing views on YouTube is creating relevant content that people want to watch. You can certainly come way out of the left-field or try an older approach and still find success. 

Generally, the nature of viral content is that it is incredibly relevant. It should also resonate with an audience to get more views.

So how do you find relevant content?

Well, it's simply easy.

Use YouTube "Search Prediction Feature"

Let us learn by an example:

Suppose you have a channel on " Learn English".

For relevant content ideas, go to " YouTube search bar" and type in your keyword" Learn English".

The auto search prediction feature will pop up; you will relevant ideas for you to explore.

You can use this feature for optimum success.

youtube autosuggest feature

2. Create A Strong Brand

​When you sit down to watch a YouTube channel, the last thing that you want is for every single video to be drastically different.

The point of watching a channel instead of a stream of random videos is to be able to enjoy a niche of sorts.

Popular YouTubers are counted on for their consistency. So knowing what your angle and brand will be can help you to gain a sustainable growing audience that can rely on you to deliver great content.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make different variations of the same video every time. You have to gain some consistency within the channel to get increase views.

3. Pay Attention to Your Feedback

The internet is full of trolls, and that can be incredibly difficult to deal with, particularly when it comes to sharing your art with the world.

It is easy to want to automatically dismiss criticism and assume that it is because the people are just trying to annoy you. However, the reality is that feedback can be an incredibly beneficial tool.

You should absolutely ignore any comments that are clearly just rude. 

But listening to the honest feedback from your fans when they say that you weren’t on brand or some bit of content wasn’t good is an amazing way to learn.

Most importantly, it helps you grow your process so that you can make better content over time.

4. Invest in Your Videos

You might not have a ton of money to spend making videos when you first start. As you begin to grow your fanbase, you will want to find a way to invest some of the money that you make back into the videos.

It does not mean that you have to take all the money that you make and throw it into your videos.

But investing in video editing software or a better camera are subtle ways to help you show your fans that you are working towards a more professional channel look.

This will help people to invest in your channel by helping them to trust in the fact that you will continue to make great content. Fans notice when YouTubers start to slip or are getting close to quitting.

Therefore by improving your video quality, you will show them that you are there to stay.

5. Engage Your Audience

The big trick for successful YouTubers is that they all engage their audience in one way or another. This might mean interacting with them in the video or the comments, or even taking the time to talk with them on social media.

The important part is that you are actively dedicating time and energy to your fanbase. 

You can learn a lot about your audience by engaging with them because they will be quick to let you know everything that they want to see from your content.

It’s also a great way to cross the wall between celebrity status and human being.

Besides, people like YouTube because it’s generally more real than other forms of media. Talking to your fans helps them to see who you are off-screen.

6. Offer Your Fans Something

If there is anything that fans love, it is being offered anything that helps them to connect with your brand more.

A particularly effective offering is the use of contests. This allows you to engage your fanbase in a fun way and has the added benefit of getting people more excited about your channel.

The fact that they might get to participate in making a decision for you or win some rare swag is generally enough to keep your fans clamoring to see what you will do next.

You can also pull this off by using sponsors or partners to fund the giveaways.

This can increase the value of your giveaways and get even more people looking at your channel. 

Therefore offering your fans helps in no small extent.


Most importantly, staying up to date on trends, popular topics of discussion, and other pop culture factors is a great way.

This is because it makes sure that you are creating content that is appropriate for a modern audience.

Making modern content is a great way to get more shares and, in turn, views.

To find popular and trending topics, you can use tools like

  • Buzzsumo: 

It helps you find the contents that are popular and trending on social media. BuzzSumo lets Youtubers analyze the best performing content for your video.

  • Google trends: 

Google's Search Trends is a feature that allows one to find how many searches are made on YouTube or Google for a particular topic or keyword. 

You can filter the search by "date," " Country of search", "categories"  and " platforms". Using this tool, you can find what your viewers are searching for right now and can make video accordingly.

google search trends

Tips to Increase Youtube Views Fast 


  • Use catchy title on your video to attract views attentions instantly
  • Give a short but compelling description to your video
  • Create a awesome thumbnail for every video
  • Try to create viral video with the help of tools mentioned above
  • Provide as many quality contents as your can. Maintain an upload schedule
  • Use the power of social media to promote your video
  • Use the video on your blogs as embedded video for maximum reach


Though every YouTube channel is different, there are certain approaches that are universally used on the platform with great success for channels of all kinds. 

As you continue to grow your audience, remember to consider how you can meet them on their level while staying true to your content.

The number of views that your videos get has a strong correlation with how much money you will be pulling in. Therefore getting more traffic to your channel should always be a high priority.

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