How to Become a Youtuber : The Ultimate Guide

how to become a Youtuber

Wondering how to become a Youtuber? In the world full of Youtubers, it always seems impossible for a beginner to start a YouTube channel.

For any newcomer, nothing seems worth a try where millions of channels pre-exist with millions of followers. 

Though the competition is tough and it is not-so-easy to just hop in with a new blank, follower less channel and you will luckily somehow manage to ace this market. No!! But, still you can have your cake and eat it too, if you do the right thing and follow the right steps!

Here I will tell you how to become a YouTuber by following some necessary steps. I hope this is of help.

Why should you become a YouTuber?

why youtuber

​If you are planning to start a YouTube channel, and think that you can simply begin with anything out there. Or you think just grab a camera, without even knowing the basics of filming and editing, you have no followers on your social media accounts and start ?

Then this is a very wrong approach!

Yes, being a YouTuber is a good thing and it has become a top-desired job for many young people. But why is it getting much radiance? And what is in it for you?

Self-evaluation to become a Youtuber

  • You are passionate enough?

Passionate about a topic or how to become a Youtuber? Otherwise if you just start doing it, because it’s so trendy these days. Then trust me you will fed up within a week or two.

All of the successful people worked hard days and nights to make their channels work. They never get tired of it! Why? Because that’s what they always wanted to do. They burned mid night oil to fulfill their passion.

  • Want to earn money and fame?

Everyone wants to get fame. A YouTuber is a complete package, he is the camera man, he is the director, producer, and editor.

Most importantly, for a YouTuber he must be passionate only then, he gets fame and has a chance to earn money in the long run but the best thing is a YouTuber can improve his interaction skills along with video compiling, editing skill set and fame.

  • Your content creation skill allow you do so?

Have you tested your content creation skill in smaller circles like friends, families? Do they like it? If yes!

Then why not put it out there and share it with the world since YouTube provides a free platform at this moment, so why not avail it?

Things To Consider to become a successful YouTuber

1. Define success and mean it. 

First you need to identify a definition of success. After you know that, Okay!!!! This is something I actually want to do then know your limits. You should be aware of your capabilities.

It’s not a part time job, or just a time pass. You are not able to do it today, then Okay fine!! Will manage to complete it tomorrow! No!! This is a very wrong approach!! Sorry but such habits will never allow you to be a successful.

2. Know your content.   

There is a lot of content, redundancy is everywhere. People are producing overlapping content; the question is how will you stand out in the raging sea? The obvious thing is that you also have to paddle with this flow by managing your head to remain above the level of water in this sea if you want to get to the shore.

Developing content is an interesting part, the thing is that you need to know what your channel is about so that your content is aligning with it.

3. Just be yourself.   

When you are planning how to become a YouTuber, you need to be yourself, otherwise people will lose interest. If your personality is not so interesting yet your content is then you need to be a little “extra”, seek help from fellow Youtubers.

Just follow them, don’t copy their style but you sure can learn what they are doing to attract their audience.

4. How much you can invest.  

It involves both in terms of time and money. You need to have good skills and equipment at the same time!! If you don’t have good skills, then you must be ready to learn.

5. Pre-define your direction.  

The content you are offering must be pre-defined, I will give some hints. There are wide ranges of these Youtube Channel Ideas or Niches to try.  

Become a YouTuber

Youtube Channel Niches

  • How-to videos 
    (Do makeup, Play Fifa, pass an interview)
  • Mimicry and Humor
     (Copying celebratory, a movie, Funny reviews)
  • Food reviews (Food Vlogs)
  • Travel Vlogs
    (May have food and travel experience)
  • Educational (Ways to pass GRE, win a scholarship)
  • Tutorials (Math, Software based)
  • Music
  • Review videos (Music, match, a show)
  • Etc

Once you manage to choose a track develop a backstory and a uniqueness in your content so that people never get tired of following you.

Don’t ever drag conversations with meaningless talk, because no one has time for that. Even though your breaking news is similar to others never hesitate while bursting it out. This will always add value to your subject, so never stop from sharing.

How To Start a Youtube Channel?

1. Decide which sort of YouTube channel you want

From the above mentioned types, you must know your skill. If you are humorous then go for making some comedy channel and if you are nerd, or good at teaching then, you are more than welcome to start your educational channel.

You can simply show off your talent.

2. Select a Suitable Name

Choose a catchy name that represents you. Your channel, your moto and it must be memorable. It must not be lengthy with prolonged details that would not be necessary rather keep it short and simple.

Who would like to remember a name which is even difficult to utter in the first place therefore, keep it easier but unique at the same time.

Be as much creative as you can!!

3. Create a New Channel

Decorate and adjust it the way you like. Make it original and genuine. Never add text that is not-easy to grasp.

Never use a yellow colored text with white background.

I hope you get my point!!

Create a new youtube channel

After creating the channel, you need to give it a name you decided in the previous step.

4. Check for creating a welcoming channel page

For a visual medium what else can a viewer expect other than a complete YouTube profile.

An owner must have a logo, profile picture and style of your thumbnail that are placed correctly.

5. Make and upload you video

Though all of these skills are new to you, if you are thinking to become a Youtuber but there remains no reason to do your hands dirty if you are not willing to dig yourself deeper into it. You have to learn photographic skills so for this purpose, you need to prepare your strategy at first. 

It will include.

Create your first video:

No one is perfect while taking shots, his very first time. But practice makes a man perfect. Avoid shaky videos, you need to do reasonable editing where needed. Get to know about the camera you are using. You will definitely want to engage with your audience.

Know how to edit: 

Many Youtubers take a lot of time on editing even more than recording but all you need is to learn some basic skills and then you are good to go. You can easily draw professional thumbnails using Photoshop. Make sure your video is easy on eye and ear.

Know about the trends: 

Use a catchy title and an attractive introduction to make it interesting. 

Upload the Video: 

You can upload the video once you have added all of the useful and necessary things to it. 

upload video to youtube

Click on Upload video, to post a new stuff on your channel.

upload video youtube

Click on the arrow and upload the video. It will take some time to process. You should keep the privacy settings to public.

This is something recommended. Tada!!! There you go with your first post.

So, your journey to become a Youtuber starts!

Advanced Checklist to become a Youtuber

So your journey stops here?

No definitely not!! Have you ever made or thought of a business plan?

Now is the part similar to that.

You need to know of a checklist while making your strategy. Define a timeline of how will you do the following things:

Spread your web: 

Spread your web of social networking on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. Create peer connections, so that every time you share or post a thing, it goes viral on your accounts and get a good reach. Spread the word in your friend circle.

Make a Road Map:

Make a road map of how and when will you be posting your stuff? Of course you can never post your 3 videos on a single day and then leave your channel for the rest of the week, rather have a schedule and sharply follow it.

Bond with Followers:

Always bond with your followers in the beginning by going a little off the topic. This will help you increase your reach by sending people random private messages. I will tell how to this in detail later.

How To Get Subscribers on YouTube

1. Keep up with your community.

Getting subscribers are a key to success, they are gold and they must be everything to you. It is not simply their liking, following and adding comments beneath your posts rather, they make a whole community.

You can always engage with your community by doing live streaming. You are like a star to them, then why fade this glow by remaining undercover, rather stand out and shine by continuously owning and engaging with your community.

This will not only help you to reach the expectations of your community members, but will bring loyalty in them, they will help you reach and expand this size of community.

The audience can always have some question answer sessions with you, they could ask you anything general, personal. This all will eventually help you excel.

One always has an option to flip and let people ask questions in the comment section. You can take advantage of multi-platforms.

Following are a few things you should do for his purpose:

•  You can link one social network to another.
•  Announce the release of your video on all of the available platforms.
•  Always create a forum to talk to people.
•  Start a Blog besides all these activities.
•  Engage with people as much as you can.

get youtube subscribers

2. You can always make a website.

Making a website is no harm, it will help you spread the word. It will always help your channel to promote. Though you might keep on sharing your posts on entire social media but the visual video website is something that will help you shine.

You will be having no limitations rather your website will be everything you want. You can create an attractive interface. Your website can help you in many ways. You can sell your videos, you can always rent them, you can even make a proper subscription plan. The best part is!! This will be free of cost!!

3. Always be more oriented towards your subscribers.

Keep in mind the audience whom you are addressing. Act like you care about them like a family. This will attract your community and will lift you up.

Try to develop a habit of being specific to your topic and never distract from your topic of discussion.

People who do so eventually end up losing their followers in the long run.

Don’t do self-centered talks. Show some empathy to your constants!!

4. Always check your analytics.

It is always good to strive for more. Analytics and statistics of each channel are displayed to show all about the performance of your channel.

Check how your videos are creating an impact.

You will get all of the insights of the traffic for each of the video. You will get an idea of your videos that did better than the rest.

This will help you get the reasons behind the success of one video so that you may apply it to the rest of the videos.

Finally, it will eventually lead to the success of your YouTube channel.

youtube analytics option

Youtube Monetization

Hope you get the idea of monetization. You need to meet some demands that are, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and also your channel must have at least 4000 hours of watch timer for almost a span of 12 months that makes a year.

monetize youtub

Aim big, target bigger and achieve biggest. Aim for more views of your videos.

Target for more subscribers and then promote them to reach your own pre-defined definition of success.

If you get even more than you targeted, then there it is a bonus reward for you!

Learn About Youtube SEO

If you have the idea of SEO; then well and good if not then it’s nothing complicated rather, it helps in optimizing the channel, playlists and Meta data

It has the data about the content in your videos. It will help you increase the ranking if done right, bringing reaches to their channels.

SEO for YouTube is very much important. YouTube is also a very sophisticated search engine. This implies that YouTube also functions on search engine optimization using keywords and people search for different things on YouTube based on keywords they type in the Search Bar.

Research for the keywords and use the ones who have a greater reach. You can get the thing which I am trying to say by typing a set of 3-4 words and check for results and later, again type the same 3-4 words but this time shuffled, the results you will get will differ largely.

So, while creation of content you need to do a proper research on this as well.

You need to know the following things.

  • How will you title your videos to make a difference?
  • Will you bring more people and make them comment on your posts?
  • What will be the right amount of tags?
  • Best way to use thumbnails?
  • How will you attract people to watch your videos?

In order to maximize the views, you need to check out some Hacks. Here you go!!

  • YouTube has a feature where it automatically transcribes the audio and sometimes it is not so accurate. You can use many of the options to add captions to your videos. Closed captions will be of great help for YouTube SEO.
  • You also need to add transcripts to video description.
  • Write keywords with tags and suitable descriptions.
  • Keep on mentioning the word you target in your video over and over again.
  • You need to use SEO embed for the videos. It injects video metadata to head of the page.

Hope these Hacks work for you and you get more reaches.

Tips to help you become a Youtuber

As I said earlier, you must know the right reason in the right domain even before you think of starting a YouTube Channel. Otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of time and also your resources.

If you aim to earn more money from your YouTube channel and expect only to get fame. Then sorry to say, this goal will fade sooner than you even predicted.

You must be..


It does not matter at all that channel is getting reach or not. Don’t take it the wrong way! But trust me this is the key to be successful while working on a YouTube channel, always be consistent!

If you post 2 videos and they don’t get a good enough response and you end up like, Oh Man!! I should not be doing this anymore. This domain will never work for me. Then my friend you are so wrong. Even the large networks with millions of reaches just began once like you plan to do. 

So Never give up! Never give up! Keep the hard work!!

Don’t Drag the Conversation:

What makes a conversation boring? And what reduces the interest of your followers? A five-ten minutes’ chat over something that was not even worth mentioning for 30 seconds. This makes the conversation monotonous and people gradually stop following you.

For a how-to video, a YouTuber must not dig into the details of his personal experience or weather details rather he or she must cut the point short and reach the actual point. There are the points where a person needs to get off the topic but trust me a starting point of the video is never good for this.

Have good equipment:

Make sure that you have the right equipment with you. That definitely includes a good camera and a good machine for editing purposes.

If you have a flagship mobile phone, then no worries you can always use it but if not then you need to buy some reasonable camera a tripod an external microphone, even if you want to get lightening you can get it. It’s for your own good.

Stand out in your industry:

While recording you must have a look on sibling channels who are presenting the same stuff. You must be well aware of the news and new things happening in your industry. It would be a shame if you don’t have a knowledge or if you don’t dig into your domain properly.

If there is something left out unmentioned you must do your research and always mention it. This will help audience understand that you are not some typical channel presenting same things rather you know more than the rest. This will help you stand out and make you unique.

People who want to remain up-to date with the industrial news will definitely visit your channel, you on the other hand will bring fresh content for them in the market full of competitors.


The above mentioned tips on how to Become a Youtuber must be of great help to all of the fellows who are looking around to start a new channel on YouTube.

If you are passionate about this thing, then don’t waste another second of your life and begin to work for your dreams.

No matter what content you are creating with reach, without reach, with followers, without followers, with likes or without likes, you need to follow your pre-defined schedules and timelines. Never ever skip the posts, also consistency is not only a matter of time that when you post it, rather it is the quality of the content.

You can make it a full-time activity.

Hope so you enjoy working for your very own YouTube channels!

Good luck!

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