How much does YouTube Pay

how much youtube pay

How much does YouTube pay?

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are that you have heard about the fact that some of the more famous YouTubers are making millions of dollars a year posting their videos online.

It’s always interesting to watch how drastically a channel’s video quality will change as people continue to change as they start to make more money.

You’ll notice better shots, nicer settings, and the YouTubers themselves tend to step up their physical appearance. This is done so that they match their new surroundings.

There are few people who would pass on fame and fortune, even if it means running a channel on how to carve apples.

You might be wondering how much actually these people get paid, which is why we’re here to explain it.

When you find yourself watching someone’s life transform before your eyes.  

It’s easy to look at them and wonder if you could do it yourself!

How Does YouTube Pay People?

YouTube has become the most influential website for videos, and content uploaders are paid to upload their videos. 

To make money from your channel, first, you need to follow all guidelines issued. Also you need to enable monetization on your channel.

youtube pay per view

How Do You Get High Paying Ads?

It would be amazing to be able to choose what the ads that you go with actually pay.

But the biggest names only want to be affiliated with the most successful channels. In order to land ads, you have to prove that you not only get views but collect subscribers.

The majority of companies will base your ad value off of how many subscribers you have.

As a general rule, when channels hit one million or more subscribers, they are able to make a livable wage for the people who run them.

That isn’t to say that you can’t make it if you have less subscribers than that, but one million is generally when true money can start to be made.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

The process of getting paid for views involves a few different changes of hand before the money gets to you. 

First, the advertising company will pay YouTube (Google, really). Then Google will in turn pay the content creator from the money that is received. 

The Google Adwords platform rules the advertising that you see on videos. Advertisers mainly choose two modes of advertisements:

a) Cost per View (CPV)
b) Cost per Click (CPC)

a) In CPV, the advertiser pays for the number of times users views the ad. Here views matter rather than ad clicks.

b) On the CPC, the advertiser pays money when someone clicks on the ads shown on videos. These clicks redirect the user to different websites or landing pages. This type of advertisements is mostly preferred.

So to earn a handful amount of money, your viewers need to click the ad. So users mode of viewing the ads also directly rules your future ​eanings.

Also, it is worth mentioning that not all views or clicks are equally paid. Some countries have high ad click rates while some have low.

Average  Ads Earnings per 1000 Video Views

Let us sum up with average earnings per 1000 views. It will help you to get an overview of how much can you earn. 

But remember these are rough estimates, because as we have discussed rates differs from country to country and other factors too.

Advertisers Pays

(By Advertisers)

$10 to $30


Average Ads Payment

(By Advertisers)

$18- $ 25


Net User Income

$ 10 - $ 20


Since different ads pay out different amounts, this number can vary on either end depending on what your sponsors look like.

While most new YouTubers would be thrilled to have a video with a thousand views, it is still a long way off from making a livable income.

As calculated above, on average, people can expect to make less than $ 10 - $20 per thousand views.

In the same way, for 1 million views I hope you can do the rest calculations.

Particularly if you videos don’t garner consistent views from new people after they have been uploaded for a while, it won’t be a sustainable form of income.

The good news is that in the event you can land a lot of subscribers and get plenty of views it is worth it.

You really can capitalize and make a great income with the support of some great companies.

Can YouTube Stop Paying Me?

When you are making money off of your videos, it is safe to assume that the money will continue to flow no matter what.

Unfortunately, this is not the case!!

With the monetization process, you are starting to hear about people who have had their videos demonetized. 

There are plenty of reasons for a video to be demonetized. But it is becoming most commonly affiliated with scandals or breaches of the terms of service.

If you post a video that is deemed inappropriate or reflects negatively on your sponsors. YouTube and the companies using your videos for ads are well within their rights to yank support from the videos. 

can youtube stop pay

While in most cases you will still be able to make the money you have already made. However, the ads will be removed from your video and it will no longer be able to generate revenue. 

You can absolutely fight this if you wish. But in most cases, it isn’t going to land in your favor, particularly if you did something deemed inexcusable.


Making money on YouTube is quickly becoming a dream for many people of all ages.

There is something especially glamorous about being able to engage with an audience. Moreover, create content that people are clamoring to see.

If you’re considering this platform as a professional platform, you will want to remember that people generally do a lot of work before they make any money.

It can be hard for people to see the value when there is no payout, but for those new YouTubers who stick around.

The ends can certainly justify the means when you’re bringing in millions of dollars a year!

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