How To Cite A YouTube Video APA and MLA

Cite YouTube Video apa

Planning to Cite YouTube Video in apa or MLA format?

Considering the fact that YouTube is easily one of the biggest sources of knowledge in the modern world, it comes as absolutely no surprise that you might one day find yourself using one for reference.

This might be for a school assignment, personal use, or even a presentation for work.  

It is actually a reliable way to access experts on various topics or gain further knowledge on something you might be studying for. But while doing so, we must mention the creator of the content.

Because, that we can use it for legitimate reference, an evolution of the modern age is that we all need to know how to cite the video. 

This easy guide will help you to cite for your next big presentation.

Why Should I Cite a Video?

Citing your sources is an important part of being an effective researcher. It shows a respect the original creator.

In school, you’ll cite your sources because it is a requirement, but the principles behind it are more important.

Citing your sources is a great way to show people what you learned and how you got the information.

It allows your information to be referenced to determine the fact that it is from a legitimate source. 

The reason that you can’t cite something like Wikipedia is because the information can be changed and manipulated. 

While YouTube used to be equally as unreliable, it is now filled with content from various credible sources that can be referenced in a paper as needed.

When we reference someone else’s content and don’t credit the original source, we deprive readers of their ability to do their own research and learn further.

Also we stop the original source from getting its credit.

This is a problem for many reasons. 

  • First of all, if you’re using them as a source then it needs to be verifiable that they are a credible source. 
  • Second, you run the risk of unintentionally passing off someone else’s knowledge as your own.

While you always want to think beyond what you read, showing what idea sparked your own conclusions is a relevant part of quality research.

What Kind of Material Should I Cite?

Just because we live in the modern age, it does not mean that you can reliably cite any clip or footage as a source of valid information. 

While certain projects might require you to mention a fun video, more realistically you will be looking for credible sources that can aid in your research. 

YouTube is a great place to find documentaries and videos from various experts. 

Do your research to make sure that you’re not trusting a random person’s opinion. 

Because they sound confident and try to look for reliable sources that can be cross-referenced in other online sources.

YouTube has plenty of educational content, so it’s a great research tool if used effectively.

Citation Requirements

In order to accurately mention any footage on the platform, there are several bits of information that you must collect in order to do it correctly.

These details should be easy enough to find, so don’t worry about that.

So, all you will need to do is poke a little bit and you’ll have all of the information that you need in no time. 

A Proper YouTube Citation Requires:

  • Name of the content creator (This can be a first and last name, company name, or username depending on what seems most appropriate)
  • Complete Title (Copy and paste this directly from the video just to be safe)
  • Video Platform Publisher (If it differs from the content creator)
  • Publishing Date (Day, Month, Year)
  • Clip Length (Hours: Minutes: Seconds)
  • Video URL (This can be easily obtained from the “share” option)

Cite a YouTube Video MLA

​MLA format is the second most popular citation format and is commonly used in high school and a few other fields like theater or film.

You can easily compile the citation information that you collected to make a full and academically approved citation. 

You Will Compile the Elements as Follows:

  • Name (last name then first if you’re using an actual person’s name)
  • “Video Title”
  • YouTube
  • Video Publisher (if applicable)
  • Publishing Date
  • URL

The Final Product:

​Last Name, First Name, “Video Title” YouTube, 23 Mar. 2010, URL

Cite a YouTube Video APA

APA is the gold standard for citation in various fields and is commonly used for the majority of college coursework.

Knowing how to mention in APA might be a lifesaver when it comes to finishing up all of those lengthy middle of semester papers. 

So, if you’re planning on referencing a video for a work presentation, this might also be incredibly beneficial for you. 

Surprisingly, APA demands even less information than the MLA format does.

You Will Compile the Elements as Follows:

  • Name (last name then first if you’re using an actual person’s name)
  • Publishing Date ( Write the date as mentioned)
  • “Video Title” ( Write the exact title)
  • URL (Just copy paste it)

The Final Product:

Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, 23 Mar. 2010 “Video Title” URL

Citing a Video Podcast

Video podcasts are also a very useful source of information for researchers and students. If your are planning to cite a Video podcast from any platform, it is indeed a good idea. However, it is also better to cite the author and his work. 

The format for such type is almost similar to that we mentioned above. However, let's look at the sample.

The Final Product:

Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, 23 Mar. 2010 “Podcast Title” URL


Citing your sources is an important part of any kind of research. While we might share some interesting fact that we learned with our friends without telling them where we learned it.

But academia and the professional world demand quite a bit more when borrowing someone else’s ideas for reference.

If you find yourself gleaning some particularly useful information when you’re writing a paper at the last minute and watching a video crash course on how to make tortillas.

Therefore, you will want to know how to cite the content creator.

In the modern age where so much of our intake is from multimedia content and understanding how to cite them is a necessary skill to have. 

As a convenient bonus, this guide can be repurposed for use across any video provider if you just include the new platform name instead. 

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